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Crit! Ep2 – Vrooom

In this episode we discuss ‘Formula De’, the good, the bad, and the alternate rules.
We also discuss Batman, the Flash, and The Week in Geek.
Next week: We will be visiting the Jägermeister MeisterJäger. He lives in a magical world where flavored liquor flows like pure happiness, Star Wars Collectable adorn the room just like my 12 year old self wanted, and his deep voice would lure a nun into the sack.
Ironically, there will be no hunting but he will be using his extensive radio experience to give us recording tips.

Bad rules, Bad rules, whatcha gunna do when they come for you.

EP 1 is good to go, and with 100% less Jar-Jar then that other Ep1.

We talk more technical details about the podcast, and ramble way past the time we set for the topic. of ‘Bad Rules’. Also, we are trying different mic techniques. Stick with us, eventually we will get to down.

Just Finished recording Episode one

Still need to edit it.  I haven’t decided on a posting night, I’m think wednesday evening for putting the posts up.

Interestingly,  there had already been a couple of plays and downloads from the site.  I didn’t think anyone would even look until we at least had 3 or 4 or 20 episodes.  So we were just mostly goofing to get the process down and see how thing went.

Had I known people would be listening, I would have prepared a little more.

In case someone came back after listening, We will try to clean it up a little better.


In other news, James is going to set up a forum and possible a paypal link.

Geek on, my brother and sisters!

Crit! is live.

We finished our first podcast, in where we talk about the equipment, some samples of what we are planning to do. All of which broke down to a talk about savage worlds, DnD 4th edition, with a brief mention of Pacific Rim ; which is awesome but the best part is the James hasn’t seen it. Clearly we need format notes.   This is our first shot at this, so critique are welcome. Apparently I had the gain up too high, so it’s loud. Neither James nor I have any experience with this, so we are learning. My daughter is going to do a segment called ‘Peaking over the table’. It should be about a 10 minute segment discussing gaming form a kids perspective.   Are working format is: Intro 1st topic / Interview Peaking over the table 2nd topic Trivia Outro The format is subject to change after contact to reality.

Equipment is on the way!

I should have my podcasting equipment by the end of the week. The means Episode 0 will be up this weekend.

I’m pretty excited. The jest of the podcast will be to ‘review’ something, and discuss how to make it better. Along with that we will have discussion about things the interest us.Games, painting minis, why MoS sucks, and why Jaws was Richard Dreyfuss’s peak performance. A peak Dreyfuss, if you will.

I’m toying with creating a rebuttal  to nonsense that goes on in Oregon.

As my grandfather never had once said: “The first thing is to do something.”