Crit! is live.

We finished our first podcast, in where we talk about the equipment, some samples of what we are planning to do. All of which broke down to a talk about savage worlds, DnD 4th edition, with a brief mention of Pacific Rim ; which is awesome but the best part is the James hasn’t seen it. Clearly we need format notes.   This is our first shot at this, so critique are welcome. Apparently I had the gain up too high, so it’s loud. Neither James nor I have any experience with this, so we are learning. My daughter is going to do a segment called ‘Peaking over the table’. It should be about a 10 minute segment discussing gaming form a kids perspective.   Are working format is: Intro 1st topic / Interview Peaking over the table 2nd topic Trivia Outro The format is subject to change after contact to reality.

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