Monthly Archives: September 2013

Crit! Ep 6 – Sentinels of the Multiverse

In this episode: Sentinels of the Multiverse, Arduino(Briefly), and you get to hear us breath.
So you’re in for a treat!

Crit! Ep 5 – Technical mic chat and Post Geekend.

In this exciting episode of Crit! the podcast James is out, but never fear we have Lewis.
We talk radio theory, proper mic techniques, and Geekend.

I do some different post processing, and also lowered the bitrate to 96. We went long and I wanted to reduce the file size.

Also, we have a new tagline: Critiques by Geeks. I thought about calling Geek Critiques, but that sounds like I am critiquing geeks…not that Wil Wheaton couldn’t use some critiquing.

HA I kid. Don’t be A Dick.

Crit! EP4 – The Bed Game

I would like to apologize for the quality, there was a technical difficulty that was unknown until editing. So My apologies to Ron, I tried to bring his melodious voice out as much as possible.

Enough of that.

Ep 4 of crit has more laughing than an episode of car talk, we all had a pretty good time. A big thanks to Ron for letting us interview him about Geekend.
Not only do we discuss Geekend, but in the Week in Geek we have robots, we each ‘quickly’ pick a geek thing to share, and at the very end I have a surprise question for Ron. The question is so surprising I didn’t even ask it while he was here.
Also, inside is the hidden word to get a bed at Geekend. Available only to people who are already going to Geeked, the UnPax.

Crit! Ep 3 – Frag! Go, and assorted nonsense

In this episode of Crit! we talk Frag, alternative rules, Go, and how many people it took to make Avengers(not 4000-5000)
Here is the xkcd comic James mentioned:

Sorry there was no professional to show give us any mic tips this week. He had a family issue come up. Remember Family comes first.