Crit! Ep 3 – Frag! Go, and assorted nonsense

In this episode of Crit! we talk Frag, alternative rules, Go, and how many people it took to make Avengers(not 4000-5000)
Here is the xkcd comic James mentioned:

Sorry there was no professional to show give us any mic tips this week. He had a family issue come up. Remember Family comes first.

One thought on “Crit! Ep 3 – Frag! Go, and assorted nonsense

  1. Some corrections:

    Everything I said about the rules of Go should be taken as a deliberate lie. You can see the real rules here:

    Though, now that I remember how it works, I intend to play Garrett a game, and we will talk through playing it for the first time in an upcoming episode.

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