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Ep. 9 Dice odds: do the matter?

In this episode Garrett has a sound board, and you pay. Also, what are the uses of technology that allows you to feel remotely? What if you could have extra limbs? And who wouldn’t have their legs removed to get Bionic legs*?

Promised links:
Savage Worlds Probability Calculator

Troll Dice Probability Calculator

*6 Million Dollar man bionic legs.

Ep. 8 – Fusion, Mars(Veronica), Party Games and more.

In this episode we discuss LASER fusion, party games, Veronica Mars, and things.
Side note: I think it’s one of the best sounding podcasts.

Here is the istitute with the LASER Fusion.
If you see a Star Trek picture first things, it’s because they filmed parts of a Star Trek movie their. How cool is that?
Side note: Due to the high power and sensitive material, the actors could have been in peril. In order to minimize the odds that there would be an explosion, they had to turn off the lens flares projectors.

Crit! Ep 7 – Slow LASERs, Jet Packs, Cows and Titans

In this episode, we discussed entwined photons, packs that jets, cows that explode, And hungry, hungry Titans!

Jetpack…although it’s more like a fanpack.