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Ep. 14 — Raw!!

In this episode we bring it to you raw. So you can see how the sausage is made, and not because I’m trying to catch up after being lazy.

We discuss players who assume their plan always works, Player/GM communication.. You said what your plan was, but didn’t actually make do anything to do what you planned and assumed it happened. Where is the line? does it matter? What happens when the assumption is the player carries out his plan every time? This is to do with in action plans, not out of combat plans. Should it apply to those as well?

Also, what would make a good Wonder Women movie? Could one be made I would be happy to take my 13 year old daughter to? one that doesn’t insult her intelligence.

EP. 13 – Games and technology at the table

The primary discussion in today’s episode is technology at the game table.

If I wasn’t a complete tosser who forgot to post, I might have remembered what the whole episode is about.

EP. 12 Horror games and new ways to look at the heavens.

In this episode James discusses a new way to look at the stars, and we discuss different horror games.

Ep. 11 Weird IR material and 1978 Battlestar Galactica.

In this episode,we discuss Jean-Claude VANADIUM OXIDE weird material that has many proerties, one fo which seems to hide IR Freq. for certain temperature ranges.

We also unbox a Battlestar Galactica game from 1978, In which I graciously let James win*.

And becasue I didn’t put any GB reference in the pod cast, here you go:

*Who says the winner write the history books? Clearly its the people writing them that wrote the history books.

Update: When we were talking about the Vanadium Oxide material, we got caught up on how it gets heated and doesn’t get hot.  We were assuming that the side with the VO on it, was being heated directly.  That’s not the case, the other side was being heated.  So the VO acted like a insulator and stopped the heat from being radiated that direction.  Confusion removed.