Monthly Archives: February 2014

EP 19 Printer Bot, Vegas, Swordplay

Vegas’s hidden monorail, Theatrical Swordplay, Printer Bot, Exalted, and kickstarting our next RPG game.

Some static seems to have appeared, my Apologies.

“Printerbot, get one!”


EP 18 – Robotic surgery, Ronin, Next Game, Pixar and Mac Pro

So..only 6 weeks late. Not bad
I can neither confirm, nor deny, that someone said something attempting to be funny that accidentally came out racist and then had it deleted.
Anywho… Enjoy.

EP 17 – Geekend, Blade(no not that one), Artemis Godzilla

In this late episode we talk about geekend, Artemis, 3d printers, Blade RPG by Jason Tondro aka Doctor of Comics.

When looking for some pictures of 3d printers, I found out that Jay Leno uses one for his classic car collection.

And here is a link to the Artemis Star Trek Bridge simulator