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Having someone explain something to you that you obviously know is annoying. If man does it to a woman it called ‘mansplaining’.
Which is fine. I don’t think we need another word. When a Man does it to a man, it’s usually followed with something like ‘If I am having the problem, do you really think I need that explained?’ or maybe ‘duh!’ or maybe ‘shut up’.

If a person makes a statement, and you make a counter statement, like in a discussion, it’s not mansplaining. Sorry, it just isn’t. That’s what a discussion is. You present something, and people reply, possible with a counter argument.

Claiming some is mansplaining in that situation only undermines the comment when sone is actually mansplaining.

Even if you already know the counter argument, it’s still not mansplaining. That would require the person you are having the discussion with to be able to read you mind. So when you make a twitter comment, and someone points out a counter to your statement, the proper response is not “YOU win Mansplainer of the year”. “It’s I knew that already.” The person replying to you cannot read your mind, they can only know what you stated.

If I went to the youtube channel “See Jane Drill”(awesome channel, btw) and tried to explain to her how power tools work, that would be mansplaining.

If a computer programmer was have a frustrating problem and I explained to her how bubble sorts work, the would be mansplaining.

In both those examples I should be called out, but Try to remember most mansplaining isn’t intentional.

And when someone asks how what they said was mansplaining, then the onerous is on you to explain why. That’s the polite thing to do.

This doesn’t even get into that if you know it was wrong, isn’t in unethical of you to keep saying it?

Also, do we really need a gender specific insult for the word? Is that really going to advance polite discussion? Is it really better than a polite reminder? Or even ‘I don’t need then explained to me’?

Is it really less insulting than dismissing a woman’s point as ‘Bitchsplaining’*?

*Dear reader: Please don’t do or say that.