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EP 22 – Solar Moon Array, Firestorm Armada, and minis with special guest star, Chibbs!

Writing this up I realized I should have called the episode @@. That way I can make a Star Wars Reference.

The Japanese want to ring the moon with solar panels. Well, not the Japanese but rather some people in Japan. Anyway, here you go:Ring around the Moon
Apparently the efficiency of an antenna can be as high as 90%. So lets build the solar moon array!

Nazis? on the Moon? Yep. Iron Sky

We don’t just talk about Science, games, movies, and geek stuff, also Japanese Housing! and oldest hotel. Make a reservation now!

Charlie Higson’s The Enemy.

Here are some of the games we mentioned:
Twilight Imperium
Last of us. AKA The destroy you emotionally game.
Firestorm Armada.