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Crit! EP4 – The Bed Game

I would like to apologize for the quality, there was a technical difficulty that was unknown until editing. So My apologies to Ron, I tried to bring his melodious voice out as much as possible.

Enough of that.

Ep 4 of crit has more laughing than an episode of car talk, we all had a pretty good time. A big thanks to Ron for letting us interview him about Geekend.
Not only do we discuss Geekend, but in the Week in Geek we have robots, we each ‘quickly’ pick a geek thing to share, and at the very end I have a surprise question for Ron. The question is so surprising I didn’t even ask it while he was here.
Also, inside is the hidden word to get a bed at Geekend. Available only to people who are already going to Geeked, the UnPax.